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All Kinds of Kisses

We humans smooch with our lips. But how do giraffes, whales, hummingbirds, tree frogs, and other creatures kiss? It's fun to wonder about and to see in the pages of this charming book, which includes facts about each animal at the end.

Publisher's Weekly says...

Swain invites readers to contemplate the types of kisses 11 animals might bestow on each other, based on their distinctive mouths, beaks, tongues, and jaws. 




Make These Toys

This clever guide focuses on fun, homemade projects using materials anyone can find around the house or that can be purchased for a fraction of what a commercially-produced toy can cost. Using everyday objects from cardboard tubing to paper to clothespins, readers will discover how to make Milk Carton Balloon Boats, Rubber Band Banjos, Cardboard Tube Kaleidoscope, Embroidery Hoop Tambourines, and so much more!

Perfect for parents and teachers, these projects enable families to spend less while keeping entertained. Because fun doesn’t always have to come in a box– sometimes, it’s the box itself.


Play These Games

Using simple, everyday items found around the house, PLAY THESE GAMES will inspire kids and the young at heart with a spectrum of ingenious games to make and play so they’ll never be bored again!

Gather family photos to create a personalized set of Go Fish cards. Grab loose buttons for button golf, shuffle button, and button hockey. Unleash your inner pinball wizard with a clothespin and cardboard box version of the arcade classic. Get out the hula hoops and brooms for a backyard jousting tournament. Try one of fifteen variations of the classic game of Tag

Whether it’s competitive or cooperative, for large groups or duos, the games in this clever guide are fun to create and a blast to play.